Warren County Combined Health District, Lebanon Ohio


The nursing department of the Warren County Combined Health District is dedicated to providing services that protect the health and well-being of Warren County residents. This is accomplished by providing intense health education and a variety of clinical services.

The clinical services offered by the Nursing Department include:

BCMH Nurse Coordination
Blood Pressure Screenings
Communicable Disease Investigation
HIV Testing
Home Health Aide Services
Nutrition Weight Management Services
Prevent Blindness Assistance for Adults
Public Health Services
Weight Management Services

Blood Pressure Screenings - No Fee
Provided Monday - Friday on walk-in basis when nursing staff is available.

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HIV Testing - No Fee
HIV testing and counseling provided Thursday 8:00 - 11:00 am by appointment only. CONFIDENTIAL AND ANONYMOUS!

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Home Health Aide Services

Home Health Aide Services are provided to Warren County residents who have a referral from their doctor and are homebound. Theses services are provided 1-3 times a week in the privacy of your home by an STNA (state tested nursing assistant). and include assistance with your basic needs, such as bathing, dressing and grooming. An R.N. makes regularly scheduled supervised visits. The Health Department does not charge a fee for these services. They are a service provided by the health department tax levy.

The Warren County Combined Health District does not offer skilled nursing services, which are visits made by a nurse that provides a skilled nursing service.

Flu and pneumonia vaccinations are offered yearly to Warren County residents who are homebound.

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Nutrition Weight Management Services - No Fee
Class includes weekly weigh-ins, followed by discussion of various related topics. One-on-one counseling Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM by appointment only.

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Communicable Disease Investigation
Communicable disease surveillance and investigation is a vital part of protecting the health and well-being of the citizens of Warren County. These surveillance and investigation activities are largely dependent on prompt disease reporting from many reporting sources. As required by law, physicians, hospitals, labs and healthcare providers must report certain communicable diseases to the Health District. Communicable disease reports received by the Warren County Combined Health District are investigated and documented according to state guidelines. All reports received are kept confidential according to HIPAA requirements.

The communicable disease staff works closely with all reporting sources to obtain complete and accurate information. The Communicable Disease staff with assistance from Environmental Health and the Nursing Division of the Warren County Combined Health District, work to complete investigations of reportable diseases and take appropriate action as needed. Data obtained through these investigations are submitted to the Ohio Department of Health via the Ohio Disease Reporting System. Disease investigation activities provide the staff with an opportunity to educate both individuals and the public on disease processes, identify resources for further information and care, and implement measures necessary to prevent the further spread of disease. Health District communicable disease staff also work with schools, daycares, long-term care facilities and others in an effort to respond to concerns, provide information and promote the health of these specific populations.

The Warren County Combined Health District values the cooperation of physicians, hospitals, labs, healthcare providers and other reporting sources in our efforts to prevent disease and promote good health among the citizens of Warren County.

Reportable Infectious Diseases
The Law and Reporting
Communicable Disease Fact Sheets
Communicable Disease Statistics for Warren County

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Prevent Blindness Assistance for Adults - Fee: Income Eligible
Assistance in receiving free eye exams and eye glasses for adults.

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BCMH Nurse Coordination
Families who have children with a chronic illness or physical disability may be receiving services from BOTH Medicaid and the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps program. You do NOT have to receive services from Medicaid to be eligible for BCMH.

What is the BCMH Program? The BCMH program is administered by the Ohio Department of Health. It provides medical coverage for children with special health care needs.

Who is eligible for the BCMH Program? Children under the age of 21, who are residents of Ohio, under the care of a BCMH approved physician and have a chronic, physically handicapping condition. Some examples are: Asthma, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Diabetes, Hearing Loss, Heart Conditions, Cleft Lip/Palat,e Arthritis, Sickle Cell, Brain Injuries, Childhood, Cancers, Spina Bifida, Metabolic Disorders, Muscular Dystrophy.

There are two main BCMH programs:
Diagnostic Program: This is a short term (6 months) opportunity that pays for diagnostic evaluations. Services include doctor visits, lab work, X-rays, OT, PT, Speech, Hearing, and Vision evaluations, developmental evaluations and Public Health Nurse Visits to assist families' access additional services. For this program there are NO financial requirements.
Treatment Program: This program covers ongoing treatment services. It does require an eligible medical diagnosis and financial approval. This eligibility is reviewed annually. Examples of coverage include: medications, medical supplies, durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs and orthotics, surgeries, glasses, hearing aids, dental care and Public Health Nurse Visits to assist families.

To receive additional information about the BCMH Program contact the the BCMH Public Health Nurse located at the health district, Susie Traud, R.N., BCMH Coordinator, 513-695-1535.

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Nutrition/Weight Management Counseling
Classes held Monday evening 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Class includes weekly weigh-ins, followed by discussion of various related topics.
One-on-one counseling Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM by appointment only

Phone: 513-695-1477

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