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Increase in Pertussis Cases in Ohio

The Southwest Region of Ohio, including Warren County, has seen an increase in the number of pertussis cases, more than we would typically see in any given year. Bordatella pertussis (pertussis) is also known as “Whooping Cough”.  Pertussis is characterized by a cough illness lasting at least 2 weeks with one of the following: paroxysms of coughing (repeated violent coughs without breathing in between), inspiratory “whoop” (a gasp that follows the paroxysm and produces a characteristic high-pitched whoop sound), or post-cough vomiting, without other apparent causes. 

For that reason, the Warren County Combined Health District is recommending that parents monitor their children during the holiday break and have any prolonged/persistent cough or paroxysmal cough evaluated by their physician prior to returning to school in January. This intervention is necessary to prevent the spread of new pertussis cases in our children.

Please contact the Warren County Health Department at (513) 695-2097 with any questions.

Thank you,
Duane Stansbury, R.S., M.P.H.
Health Commissioner
Warren County Combined Health District


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