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Baby and Me - Tobacco Free Program Information

WCCHD prenatal clinic staff recently received training from Laurie Adams, Executive Director/CEO of the Baby and Me - Tobacco Free Program, an evidence-based smoking cessation program for pregnant and postpartum moms. Baby and Me - Tobacco Free is a program designed to reduce the burden of tobacco use on the pregnant and postpartum population. Women who smoke during their pregnancy are more likely than those who don’t to have a baby born too small, too soon or to lose a baby to a sleep-related death. Once a baby is born, exposure to secondhand smoke increases the baby’s chances of a sleep-related death.

WCCHD is implementing this program into the prenatal clinic for pregnant moms and partners. The program empowers moms as they are educated and supported throughout their journey to be smoke-free. Pregnant women who join the program are eligible to receive $25 diaper vouchers each month that they test negative for tobacco use (up to 14 vouchers per prenatal client). They are eligible to receive these vouchers for up to 1 year after the birth of their baby, but they must join during their pregnancy. If they have a partner who wants to quit smoking with them they can receive an additional $25.00 voucher each month their partner tests negative for tobacco use. The program’s design has proven effective in decreasing the number of women who smoke during and after pregnancy.

WCCHD looks forward to implementing this new program and working together with our prenatal patients to help them lead a smoke-free life . If you would like to schedule an appointment for prenatal care at the WCCHD prenatal clinic please call 513-695-1262.  For more about the Baby and Me—Tobacco Free  program visit www.babyandmetobaccofree.org








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