Warren County Combined Health District, Lebanon Ohio

Environmental Health — Tattoos & Body Piercing

The goal of the tattoo and body piercing program is to prevent the spread of disease via the procedures of tattooing and body piercing. Tattoo and body piercing procedures are only permitted to occur in a location licensed & inspected by the local health district following rules adopted by the Ohio Department of Health.

The Environmental Health staff conducts at least two inspections per year at each facility. During these inspections, operator's records are checked for current certification in blood borne pathogen training, principles of infection control, and first-aid. The sterilization equipment, processes, and record keeping are checked. General sanitation of equipment and facility are checked, and procedures such as hand washing and glove usage are verified. In order to open up a tattoo, body piercing, or permanent make-up facility, approval must first be obtained from local zoning, and facility plans must be submitted to the Health District and the Warren County Building Department.

Ohio Tattoo and Body Piercing Regulations
OSHA Information Regarding Bloodborne Pathogens
FDA Information Regarding Tattoo and Permanent Makeup

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