Warren County Combined Health District, Lebanon Ohio

Emergency Preparedness

Warren County Combined Health District is committed to active preparation and response to any emergency situations that pose a threat to the public's health.

Public Health Emergency Response

One of the primary roles of the Warren County Combined Health District is to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. We are continually preparing and modifying our emergency response plans in an effort to be capable of addressing the needs of the growing population in Warren County and to respond to emerging public health threats. Local and regional exercises test the capabilities of the emergency response plans. Training programs improve the emergency response abilities of the public health workforce. The Warren County Combined Health District strives to have a plan that can respond to all public health emergencies from Pandemic Flu to bioterrorism to power outages.

Public Review of Emergency Response Plans

In order to better develop our plans, the WCCHD is seeking public feedback regarding the content of our Emergency Response Plan. If you would like a copy of our Emergency Response Plan or would like to send us feedback, please contact the Emergency Response Coordinator.

For any public health emergency occurring outside of our normal office hours, please call 911.

Tristate Medical Reserve Corps - Warren County Unit

As part of a nationwide initiative, the Warren County Unit of the Tristate Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is recruiting medical professionals including physicians, nurses, paramedics and mental health professionals, as well as citizens with non-medical backgrounds, to volunteer in this community during public health emergencies that require a widespread medical or public health response.

Events such as September 11, 2001, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the H1N1 outbreak have highlighted the importance of communities uniting to improve the level of disaster preparedness. Emerging and resurging disease outbreaks are only some of the threats public health will face in the coming years. Volunteers in the MRC have the opportunity to utilize their skills to assist other community members during events such as large-scale disasters or infectious disease outbreaks.

MRC units are community-based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers - medical professionals and others - who want to donate their time and expertise to provide assistance and depth to local emergency response teams, public health, and health care infrastructure. This assistance may prove to be vital to our community's operational stability during the first hours and days following an event. MRC members may also have the opportunity to assist outside of their county and Tristate, as many chose to do following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Assist the Warren County Combined Health District in public health emergencies by registering with Warren County MRC at the Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry today!

WCCHD is looking for leaders in the community to help staff Points of
Dispensing that are necessary in certain public health emergencies.

Please contact the Emergency Response Coordinator if
you have any questions about the Warren County MRC.

Contact Information
Dustin Ratliff, MPH, REHS, RS
Emergency Response Coordinator

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